Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thing#33 Advocacy

This is one of my strong points. I document everything with photos and stories (in house). When I have an event,  I invite our  superintendent, administration , BOE and the district's public relations officer. She takes great photos , uses the school website, twitter and facebook to promote my programs.  I have contests, makerspace activities, etc.
I do not use social media. I don;t want the responsibility of what I write or any comments to effect my employment. Just playing it safe.  I really believe in advocacy to promote my library but not to convince parents and administrators that they need me or a LMS.
Thing # 32 collecting the data

I read some great articles for this topic and have concluded that I will create a survey in google docs and ask all the seniors to respond to questions about the program . Did they see a difference in the library over the 4 years. How their needs changed, and whether the high school library was able to meet those needs, etc. Also some questions that will help me see if they are college ready and will be comfortable in a college library.
Thing 31 Evidence based

I used to write a monthly report but I was told that it was not necessary. So I saved myself the trouble and stopped writing them. I have days of being pro evidence based and I get gungho and then I ask myself ,"why/", why do I need to show my worth ,or show that a good library media program and a certified LMS matters to students and staff.
 I also do a survey twice a year for staff and students. It usually ends up  being another opportunity for staff to ask me to buy something they think they need.
My best way to share my library resources and programs is during our daily COP , Communities of Practice meetings. Try being absent, whenever I'm absent, staff and students need me.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thing 30

I am sorry to see the end of the school tools.

I enjoy discovering new tools and most importantly having the time to browse, tinker and learn at my own pace.
I will continue to add to my Libguides and will use the new tools to make it even better, for example adding screencasts. I enjoyed reviewing and learning about extension, apps and add ons and playing withe browser settings.
I have put the coding tools to use and have started a small group of students in a coding class using Scratch. It is my hope that from the coding skills we can venture into raspberry pi and arduinos.

I had a makers faire for my high school and enjoyed reading the articles on this topic that you shared. They were very helpful.

I always share new tools with other teachers. Its great having so many"cool tools" to share. 

I hope that we continue the program and maybe in the future  discuss STEaM tools and ideas. Also I recently took a PD class on assistive technology and could use a better perspective and more "cool tools" on this topic.
Hope to be back together in the Fall. Great stuff!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thing 29 Student Response Tools

As a teacher we need to gather feedback as a means of formative assessment. Some of the tools discussed in this Thing  are  great for this need and for creating exit tickets and Do Nows.
I have used Padlet (wallwisher )several times. I decided to try answergarden with my co workers. I asked them : What is your favorite book? Not too original , lol.  So, now we have an awesome world cloud and they have a new student response tool. It was a very easy to use tool.
In the past I have used voicethread for instruction and assessment. I  have also tried Socrative but students did not take to it. I do really like to use google forms for quizzes. Its especially helpful when combined with flubaroo. I had learned how to do this in a workshop at DC BOCES. I really liked the instructions that Eric Curts created on online assessments using Google Forms.

I used Padlet to ask students as a "do now" , Why do we have a school library?  Quizlet is used throughout my school.  I plan to take a closer look at Seesaw
This tools can be used to brainstorm or to assess students??